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The Coeur d`Alene

amigos FROM $279/nt
Plus cleaning fee
3 Bd 2 Ba Slps 7
Pool Spa Game Rm
Las Vegas Location


casa-picassoFROM $229/nt
Plus cleaning fee
3 Bd 2.5 Ba Slps 6
Pool & Spa
Las Vegas Location

The Newport

palmilla-front-160FROM $449/nt
Plus cleaning fee
4 Bd 3.5 Ba Slps 8
Pool Spa Game Rm
Green Valley Location

WSOP Housing

WSOP housing - Las Vegas Rentals for World Series of Poker

It's that time of year again when poker players start thinking about where to stay during the Las Vegas World Series of Poker. For many people who are not familiar with the tournament, it might come as a surprise that players would be booking so far in advance. But any experienced participant can tell you, if you are planning to be at the tournament for any reasonable period of time, you're going to want to book a vacation home rental for WSOP housing. Just a little bit of thought and research makes that statement really clear.  Who wants to stay in a hotel for six weeks?

Find Good WSOP Housing Easily

When it comes to shopping for good World Series of Poker rentals, most players will start out shopping for the best price. Of course that is the main motivation when you're planning to spend a big wad of cash all at once. And vacation rentals in Las Vegas wont be cheap during the tournament. Most property managers and owners have discovered long ago that players are willing to spend good cash for the WSOP housing. It is in fact one of the busiest seasons all year long and many vacation rental owners know this. So if you are looking for a great deal, you are looking for something with either naive owner or a home that is far away from the competition. Now we're not saying that there aren't some good deals to be had that will make great WSOP housing. It's just that the deals are going to be hard to find if all you do is look for the lowest possible price.

One of the best places to book a home for the World Series of Poker is with a company that can provide the hotel experience you're looking for. Many players, especially the new ones, tend to overlook the value of having those services when they're here and in the middle of the competition. They forget that since they are in a home, nobody can bring them food or do the laundry when tye need it. Or even more, who is going the cook and clean? This is usually something they remember from the second year on, once they have discovered what it is like to go without. All of a sudden that isn't looking like it was such a good idea.

Book World Series of Poker Rentals With Reputable Companies

By booking with a reputable company that has experience with WSOP lodging and the needs of players and participants, you can avoid the problems of going without these needed services. You'll get regular cleaning and people to look after the home and you can count on a regular concierge services as well. This is going to make all the difference once the competition gets going and your time becomes more valuable. You will appreciate having a clean home, clean clothes and good food ready to eat. It's funny, but all that seems to make good sense for anyone wanting to maintain their competitive edge during the tournament. Why would anyone want to saddle themselves with a bunch of chores and a to-do list when they really need time to rest and concentrate on good poker playing?

Another issue that many newbies overlook is commuting to and from the World Series of Poker. But the distance from the tournament is a key factor driving the cost of home rentals during the tournament. Homeowners and managers believe that commuting time is important to players, which it is, so prices are adjusted accordingly. What this means is that many of the lower priced WSOP rentals are actually quite a distance from the Rio Hotel and Casino. The reason the prices are low is because nobody wants to stay that far away from the competition. The low prices are used to entice renters to drive all the way out to the edges of the valley and endure the traffic. This might be fine with some players, but anyone seriously considering winning is not going to rent this way. Their time is more valuable and is better spent resting instead of driving in traffic.

Speaking of traffic, we do have some of that here in Las Vegas. Although it is also quite different than most other cities, owing to the 24 hour nature of the city and the fact that many people here do not have regular nine-to-five jobs. Those looking for WSOP housing in Las Vegas will need to consider crossing the strip or commuting from the south end of the valley on Friday and Saturday nights. Even to some extent this will be true on Thursday evening as well, since much of Los Angeles seems to come to Las Vegas every weekend. In truth, nearly 30% of the weekend visitors are from the L.A. basin and they drive here in the Highway 15. So beware of your commute and your relationship, direction wise, to the competition venue.

We recommend Las Vegas Retreats for excellent WSOP Housing and Las Vegas Concierges for great services you'll need to go with your home. These are two great companies with great reputations. You can easily make your efforts worthwhile by working with professionals who's job it is to save you time. And after all, time is money. The link above goes directly to the availability list for the WSOP home rentals they offer along with pricing, size, occupancy and distance to the World Series of Poker tournament. Everything you'll need to know to book!


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